a BIG salute to a BIG man


Tshaka-Mayanja 2 Tshaka Mayanja. Photo Courtesy of http://www.xclusive.co.ug

Here’s a great BIG salute to a BIG man: Tshaka Mayanja, who some of us started out knowing as Ham Mayanja Nkangi way back when we were all little boys.

Even then, Ham knew that he was going to be in music one way or another, when he’d cross the school compound all the way from England House to crowd our cubicles in Africa House and talk all day long about musical stuff with Gonza Kaggwa.

When, during one of our school holidays, they teamed up to stage a concert under the band name Hot Soul Crew, the entire experience was surreal for young minds like ours whose only experience with such coolness was what we saw on old and borrowed year-old VHS recordings of The Cosby Show and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (not even watched in OUR own homes).

To this day…

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