#UgBloggers7Days Day 5 Diary

Today has been a hard one. I have apologies to make for not sitting down to write a deeply thoughtful piece due to commitments and dedication to a thing i like which is my passion and my hobby.

I write this down hands glued on my phone, eyes peeping through the taxi window ( for fear of my phone bring snatched ) and at the same time, the taxi moving in snail speed from Kampala to the now muddy hills of mukono to rest and probably write down something before my phone and medulla oblongata black out in a few minutes when i arrive.

Today, I did what am good at– debating and public speaking. I feel proud to have represented  Uganda Christian University (UCU) in the Inter University Human Rights Law Debate Competition held at Cavendish University under the topic Death Penalty and its Relevancy  Today. We did not only represent, but we emerged the winners of the competition with me yours truly, being among the best speakers ( All the five of us from UCU took the accolades for best speakers 🙂 ).

This competition organized by the Foundation For Human Rights Initiative, attracted over five Universities including Uganda Christian University, Makerere University, Cavendish, Busoga University, Kyambogo and Kampala International University. I can say its time for popping some champagne this evening to celebrate such achievement– at least for me who values winning.

I do not support the death penalty. Am one person who believes in analyzing and not moralizing. I believe no man has the right to kill another man but i do not believe executing someone who has committed a capital offence, can do justice to the deceased. Statistics already show that nowhere in this world has the Death penalty proved to be a deterrent from committing crime and many other reasons am not willing to disclose at this time due to exhaustion.

Why am i even telling you this on a friday night? Please allow me to evaporate from here and go back to the drawing mode and prepare something deep for my tomorrow’s piece. Before you go, first congratulate me and my team 🙂




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