Uhuru Kenyatta: East Africa’s Next Strongman?

Some Ideas are "R-evolutionary"!

Listening to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech in the wake of the Mandera attack, especially the part where he re-echoes George Bush’s famous post 9/11 “You are either with us or with the terrorists…” statement I couldn’t help but suppress a grin. We don’t learn from history, do we? While such statements are re-assuring, they are also telling and should not be taken lightly. After Bush’s “You are either with us or them” speech, the U.S has never been the same – 5 trillion dollars was spent hunting “terrorists” in every nook and cranny; regimes were toppled; dictators propped up with “war on terror” dollars; domestic freedoms were curtailed…I could go on.

Kenya is likely to take the same path. The firing of inspector of police, David Kimayo, and interior cabinet secretary Joseph Ole Lenku, while expected and and seemingly the wisest thing to do by Uhuru, is the start of…

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