Just posting my blog and going

We’re almost mid this year and I think I have broken 70% of my 2016 resolutions (please don’t come to me with those don’t be like Batambuze lines. I will tell Kayihura to ‘deport’ you to Moroto). To be honest, I have no explanation for this.

At the start of this year, I set out resolutions; To read 45 books in 2016 (that’s on average 4 books a month), to finally man up and go to driving school, start daily early morning meditations, hit the gym and also start jogging like those other corporates but alas! The devil must be sneaking into my mind every day shaking it like Winnie Nwagi (she’s overrated by the way) and after, engaging me in satisfying promiscuous procrastination intercourses to my manipulation!

To the best of my knowledge, I have read like only two books each month so far and the rest of the resolutions, remain in the pipeline waiting for the government of Uganda and Tullow Oil to start drilling oil from Lake Albert.

But leaving Satan out of this, I think (and only think) resolutions are overrated. I mean, if 2016 resolutions were wishes, Elton Joseph Mabirizi would be the new president of Uganda, Ragga Dee would be Lord Mayor and my Dad would be bragging to his colleagues in the village why me, his son, is a practicing lawyer (poor guy).


Anyway, it feels good to be blogging again. I last blogged actively on this personal blog last year around July shortly after my graduation from UCU law School.

By that time, having a blog was a trend/fashion. Every big wig, social media “influencer”, annoyed Ugandan, “concerned citizen”, my-mum-told-me-I-can-write,  I-didn’t-make-it-to-journalism-school-but-i-can-also-write etc, would have a blog and behold! Blogger would be a new addition to their resume.

Let me be clear; Writing/blogging is not restricted to journalists and reporters. For the record, most good writers, are not journalists by profession (I will mention a few shortly). You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.

You don’t write to tell the world you have been given expired medicine. So what will happen when the next 100 times you go to a pharmacy, you are given the proper medication? Write about the different stories on problems in our health sector affecting everyone not only when it affects you.


If only the key was in yellow not blue

This is where I pause to applaud Some of the consistent bloggers in Uganda. Joel Ntwatwa tops this list. This good chap’s blog, has been constantly updated almost every month from way back before 2010 making him the most loyal, committed and dedicated blogger. If I had powers of the leopard, I would have given him a free district.

Brian Kyeyune is another one.  I still don’t know why he keeps calling himself a struggling blogger yet he is good. I like Brian’s blog because he keeps it simple, plain and straight forward not others who went to law school and want to show off all the infragrante delictos they learnt.

Moving on, now, point to me in the direction of anyone who doesn’t like Ernest Bazanye‘s humor blog, and I will tell you why the world should have ended after that 2012 movie which made me sale off my sweet potatoes plantation thinking Kyibwetere had made a new revelation.

Other good bloggers are Edna (simple, consistent and a lovely feminist), Simon Kaheru (a father figure to bloggers), Patricia Kahill (she represents women in tech), Trish (am in a complicated relationship with this sweet feminist friend of mine), Marie (I actually  found out her blog recently. It’s full of color and great portraits) and my good friend Kwezi Tabaro who predicted by blogging midlife crisis way back in 2014.

I feel it’s 2016 and these awesome bloggers needs to be rewarded beyond just sharing their blog posts and commenting. Kenya just held its 2016 blogger awards spearheaded by the Blogging Association of Kenya. I look forward to finally seeing a bloggers community of Uganda coming up to pick a leaf so that we see a new dawn of  a big movement of local bloggers .

With that, thank you for reading and I hope I won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Time to make this my new resolution and saying bye to Satan and his Winnie Nwagi moves on me (LOL). Let me even publish my blog and go.